Formed in 1950, the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association is the largest state outdoor writer organization in the country. With more than 230 Active, Associate and Supporting Members, the primary reason for POWA’s existence centers around craft improvement – becoming better, more knowledgeable, more highly skilled communicators.

If you’re a writer or communicator who concentrates in this field, or aspire to be, joining POWA will result in a positive impact on your career. If you’re in the business of marketing outdoor products and/or services, joining as a Supporting Member will produce significant benefits for your company.

POWA’s Mission

The mission of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association is to enhance the skills of its members, provide a strong and resounding conservation message to the public, hold its membership to the highest ethical standards and provide a legacy for future generations of outdoor communicators.

Craft Improvement: POWA enhances the professional skills of its members in communication and provides members a professional network to support craft development, and explore and conquer new markets.

Conservation: POWA strives to promote outdoor education and increase awareness and appreciation of our natural resources and outdoor heritage.

Ethics: POWA promotes the highest standards of excellence and ethics in outdoor communication.

Legacy: POWA encourages mentoring to current and future generations of outdoor communicators.